From me to you clothing swap

when we swap

We have a swap almost every week year round!   Watch our Facebook page (linked below) for specific dates and times of our next swap!

what we have

  • Children's clothing and shoes in all sizes
  • Adult clothing and shoes in many sizes
  • Bedding, towels, curtains, blankets
  • small toys, stuffed animals

to make donations

We accept clothes and shoes for all seasons all the time!  Clothing must be free from heavy stains and tears, clean and dry. Clothing that is tattered or stained can be donated separately, as we will send them off to be made into rags! Donations can be made at anytime by leaving them in the shed shown below. Call us if you have any questions! (307) 686-7339


swap rules

  • No strollers while shopping!!! We have LOTS of people browsing at once, and strollers make it very hard to navigate!
  • No unattended children.
  • Only one family member per child, per swap. 
  • Limit 1 bag per child/per every other month 
  • All clothing must be able to be fitted nicely into bag - no over-stuffing.
  • Be courteous of others!

We work with all volunteers and appreciate your cooperation!