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Second Sunday at the Movies; Nacho Libre was a farcical film with a message. Intern Pastor AJ Francisco conducted the Worship Service this morning.

Beginning "Sunday at the Movies" series, with three take-aways from "The Shack"



March 5, 2017 Initial sermon in "Roll Down Justice" series, titled Knowing Who We Are. Four days ago we celebrated Ash Wednesday, which started over 200 years after Jesus' death. It was an opportunity for those had been separated from the church, or those new to the church, to "sign up" and then spend the next 40+ days in either repentance or preparation, so that on Easter morning, they would (re)join the church in that celebration service of new birth.
Our sermon series will deal with justice. Not Law and Order justice from the court system, but Justice that stems from each of us being a Child of God. What would it be like to live in a world where we (and everyone) believe that each person is a Child of God? Where everyone receives God's justice, equally?

Cooking lunch at the soup kitchen.

Ash Wednesday Service


Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner

Outtakes from this morning's Worship Service.

How We Do 24/6, or Remembering the Sabbath to keep us whole and Holy.

And on the seventh day, God.....rested from all the work he had done. Genesis 2:1.

First Sunday of February means: a.) Communion was served today b.) Only 22 days until Lent c.) You survived another Groundhog's day without getting caught up in that movie's do-loop d.) All of the above!

Whole Church Initiative (WCI) group works at the Soup Kitchen today.